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  • Can I come see the space?
    Yes! We would be happy to schedule you a tour and answer any questions. We are available by appointment Monday-Friday 11am-4pm. Call (678) 648-5333 to book your tour.
  • What is the venue capacity?
    We can seat up to 450 guests indoors with a DJ and/or band and dance floor. If you do not need seating for each person, we can hold 600+ depending on the flow of the event.
  • How much does it cost to rent each space?
    It depends on the day of the week and your guest count. Please contact our venue Sales manager for pricing.
  • How do I hold a date?
    If the date is available and you have a proposal, we will offer a 7-day hold while details are discussed, and a contract is drawn up. A hold is not secure until a signed contract is returned with the required deposit. If another party is interested in the venue before we receive these items, we will offer you a deadline to submit the contract and deposit before releasing the hold to the other party. If the date you requested has an existing hold, we will offer the previous party a deadline and then contact you when the deadline is over. Once you have booked the space, our events team will be available for additional walk-throughs for you and your vendors.
  • Do you require a security deposit?
    Yes, we require a non-refundable deposit to secure your date. If you must move your event date, we can easily accommodate that if your new desired date is available. Your funds will transfer over if we can accommodate the change.
  • What forms of payment do you take?
    We accept cash, check and all major credit cards. We make it super easy to make payments online with a client portal.
  • How long do I have access to the venue on the day of my event?
    We offer an 8-hour, 10-hour or 12-hour rental. Your set up time, event time and 1 hour for strike must fall within your rental time. Additional event hours may be purchased for $250/hr.
  • When can we start setting up for our event?
    Your setup time starts at the time of your contracted rental time.
  • Can I drop off items the day before?
    It is unlikely, but you can discuss this with our Venue Manager after booking. Since we have limited storage, you will not be able to store items at the venue. However, if there is not an event booked the day prior to your event, we may be able to accommodate you. Astro Celebrations is not responsible for items left unattended.
  • Does our event have to end at a certain time?
    Yes, all events must conclude by midnight with breakdown from 12am-1am.
  • When do I need to have everything out of the space & what is required for cleanup?
    All rentals, personal items, and anything else brought in for your event must be removed from the space at the end of your contracted rental time. You have one hour after your event end time for cleanup. If you exceed the contracted rental time, a $250 per hour fee will be charged to the card on file.
  • Who does the setup and breakdown of my tables and chairs?
    Astro Celebrations will handle all set up and break down of tables and chairs. Astro Celebrations will not be responsible for decor or decor setup or additional rentals brought in by the client.
  • Are tables and chairs provided?
    Yes, Tables and Chairs are provided by Astro Celebrations.
  • Can I host both my wedding ceremony and reception at venue astro celebrations?
    Absolutely! We have several ways to make this work. It’s best to connect with the venue manager so he can walk you through the space to determine the best fit for your wedding.
  • Can I access the venue for rehearsal prior to the event?
    A one-hour rehearsal is coordinated with Astro Celebrations event schedule and is subject to availability.
  • What are the options for getting ready in the space prior to my event?
    We offer 2 luxurious green rooms. These two spaces are perfect to serve as ready rooms for the bride and groom, the birthday girl or boy, the entertainment, or any other function you can think of. Each green room comes with a private bathroom, flat screen LED tv, and soft seating for your person of honor and their closest guests. These rooms are the perfect personalized touch to enhance your experience and make your most important guests feel like royalty!
  • Who provides linens, glassware, etc?
    We do! We provide black or white floor length linens for all food and beverage tables. If you would like to rent black or white linen for your guest tables, we can provide those for $20 per linen or $25 for colored linen to help complete your event vision. We provides all china, flatware, and glassware with Plate setting Package.
  • Can I use my own caterer?
    "Absolutely, you have the option to engage an external catering service."
  • Can I have a food truck?
    Yes, food trucks are very fun in our space. Food trucks can set up either in the front or side of our venue.
  • Can I provide my own alcohol?
    Yes! We do require a one-time event insurance policy. Alcohol may only be brought in by the host of the event and must be served by one of our licensed and bonded bartenders. We realize not everyone over 21 drinks, so we charge by the drinker: Venue to provide: | Water | Ice | Beverage Napkins | Glassware
  • Will there be security at my event?
    If alcohol is served then, Yes! Astro Celebrations hires and passes along the cost of an off-duty police officer to monitor events.
  • Can I use an event/wedding planner?
    Yes! We prefer the use of an event/wedding planner or organizer as it will allow for a more successful event because they are experienced and well equipped for most situations. You will be assigned an experienced Astro Celebrations to work with your planner on all final details of your event.
  • What is the responsibility of astro celebrations coordinators?
    Astro Celebrations Coordinator will work directly with you and your planner to make sure your vision is executed flawlessly the day/night of your event. They are responsible for all thing’s venue related (set up of tables, chairs, bars, food stations, etc.) as well as managing all of our staff. Astro Celebrations Coordinator will be present during your event to make sure everything is running smoothly, and you enjoy your night!
  • What is the lighting like?
    We have beautiful large Crystal chandeliers, track lighting and overhead lighting. All Chandelier lighting can be dimmed. We also offer complimentary up lighting that can change colors to best compliment your event.
  • Are candles allowed?
    Yes, however all candles must be contained in votives and the flame must be 2” below the top of the container. Open flames are not allowed anywhere in the building.
  • Are there decorating restrictions?
    Yes, you may only affix objects to the walls with painters tape or command strips. If you are hanging items from the Grey Wall or chandeliers, we suggest using fish wire. We do allow draping and rigging from the ceiling and our chandeliers when done by a professional company. We do not allow the use of glitter, confetti, stickers or silly string. Rose petals, rice, bird seed and/or sparklers may only be used outside the facility and must be cleaned up after the event.
  • Do you have a surround sound system?
    No, we only carry one Bluetooth speaker. Any sound system or equipment must be provided by a band and/or DJ or other audio/visual rental company.
  • Can I have a live band?
    Yes. We have 20-amp dedicated outlets for bands on our band stage.
  • Do you have a projector and/or projection screen?
    Yes! We have 2 projectorS and screenS. Our A/V package includes: Projector, Screen, speakers, podium, and two handheld wireless microphones and 2 lapel or lavalier microphones.
  • Do you have a preferred vendors list?
    Absolutely! Once you are booked, you will have access to your favorite vendors list.
  • What is your restroom situation?
    We have fully updated Men’s and Women’s facilities with an extra-large restrooms.
  • Is your venue wheelchair accessible?
    Yes. Our Venue, Patio and our restrooms are all wheelchair accessible.
  • Are pets allowed to be part of the ceremony and reception?
    We regret to inform you that pets are not permitted
  • Is smoking allowed?
    Smoking is only permitted within the designated areas.
  • What is the parking situation & is there valet?
    We have 200+ complimentary parking spaces located around our building; but if you would like to have Valet, we would be happy to connect you with our preferred valet company. Please inquire with the venue manager when booking an event.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    All payments are non-refundable. If you need to change your date and we have the date available, we will be happy to move your date at no additional cost.
  • How far in advance should I book?
    It is hard to say, but we always encourage the sooner the better. There are months where we have a full calendar a year in advance and months with openings up to a month prior.
  • Do you charge a service fee & what does it cover?
    Yes, we do charge a 22% service fee. The service fee does not go to the servers, event manager or coordinators that work with you during your event. It goes to the Venue to help cover the cost of everyone behind the scenes, maintenance of venue, upkeep of equipment and other miscellaneous items to help ensure a wonderful event.
  • Are there other fees?
    All costs will be itemized on the Banquet Event Order you receive…no hidden fees!
  • Do you allow photo shoots?
    Yes, photo shoots are allowed Tuesday-Friday. Please contact our venue manager for pricing and availability.
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